hearing assistive phone demonstration center

Relay Phone Demo Center   Relay Phone Demo Center

Open to the general public, the Relay Utah Demo Center offers a comfortable environment for people to come in and try the many types of hearing-assistive phones available for deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired and blind individuals.

All phones at the Demo Center are functional. By trying various phones, you can experience how the phones work so you can choose the optimal model for your home and particular need.

Schedule an appointment at the Relay Utah Phone Demonstration Center. A Relay Telecommunications specialist will call to confirm your appointment.

Relay Phone Demo Center   Relay Phone Demo Center

You may also visit the following Demo Centers.

Sanderson Center
5709 South 1500 West
Taylorsville, UT 84123-5217
801-263-4860 (v)
801-657-5200 (vp)
801-263-4862 (tty)
801-263-4865 (fax)
Southern Utah Program
1067 E. Tabernacle, Suite 10
St. George, UT 84770
435-652-2453 (v)
435-216-9305 (vp)
435-673-8983 (fax)


  • Amplified Phones. Increases volume and has an anti-feedback filter eliminates feedback and distortion, even with hearing aids.
  • Amplified Talking Telephone for Visually/Hearing Impaired. The talking telephone is designed specifically with the hearing and vision impaired user in mind. This user-friendly phone provides vocalization of numbers and menu commands, which is particularly helpful for a blind or partially-sited user. The phone has an extra loud hands free speakerphone with volume setting, and is hearing aid compatible.
  • Captioning Phones. This phone amplifies sound and captions and displays the text of the caller’s conversation on an LCD display.
  • Teletypewriters (TTYs). Enables deaf and hard of hearing to type messages rather than talking and listening.

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Phones are available at no cost to Utahns who currently participate in the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, Medicaid and other Department of Human Service or Public Assistance Programs. More detailed information about the Relay guidelines.