Captioned Telephone, CapTel®, is ideal for a person who is hard-of-hearing or deaf and uses his or her voice to speak directly to the called party. CapTel allows the user to place calls just like a traditional phone by dialing the number directly and automatically connects to the Captioning Relay Service when the number is dialed. A specially-trained Captioning Assistant uses voice recognition technology to generate captions. When the hearing person talks, the CapTel user reads those captions on the display of the CapTel phone. When the called party answers, that person will then hear everything the CapTel user says, just like traditional telephone calls. Internet and analog phone landline CapTel phones are available.

To call a Captioned Telephone user, dial: 711 or 877-243-2823

CapTel Customer Service: 888-269-7477

Internet and analog phone landline CapTels are available.

CapTel is a registered trademark of Ultratec, Inc.