Mobile Accessories

Bluetooth neckloops work by streaming a Bluetooth signal from a cell phone to a wireless antenna or telecoil in the hearing aids. These devices can require a streaming device to be worn around the neck in order to convert the Bluetooth signal from the cell phone to the wireless signal compatible with many brands of hearing aids.

Note: Please check with your audiologist to see if your hearing aids have telecoil.

ClearSounds Quattro 4 Neckloop

ClearSounds Quattro 4 Neckloop

Clearsounds CLA7V2 Neckloop

ClearSounds CLA7V2 Neckloop

Serene SA 40 Cell Phone Amplifier. Handheld BLUETOOTH Amplifier

Serene SA 40 Cell Phone Amplifier. Handheld Bluetooth Amplifier.
(No Telecoil required)

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